Some Common Questions

Q:  How big are the Strombolis, Pizzas, and Cinnamon Rolls?

A:  Strombolis are 9″x4.5″ and weigh 15oz.  Pizzas are 12″ and weigh up to 30oz.  Cinnamon Rolls are 7oz each.

Q:  How much do we charge?

A:  Two strombolis $11, Cheese Pizza $8, Pepperoni Pizza $9, Four Meat Pizza $10, Two Cinnamon Rolls $7

Q:  How many kinds of strombolis are there?

A:  Three!  Ham, Beef, and Taco

Q:  Are your menu items really that good?

A:  Yes, we have been making pizza for almost 60 years and have one of the top pizzerias in the United States!

Q:  How much profit does each person usually make?

A:  $32-$56

Q:  Are the Items frozen?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Is there a minimum quantity we need to sell?

A:  No.  There is a delivery fee if less than 400 items.  $3 per mile but no more than $100.

Q:  How do we know you have a quality product?

A:  Our items come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our facility is USDA inspected.